K-12 Education

We love learning.

Every year, thousands of children and educators fill the halls to learn together. As it becomes more challenging for school builders to accommodate the rapidly changing technologies and manage budgetary constraints, we step in to offer our innovative construction solutions. Together, we build more than just a school we build a solid foundation for the community. Osprey has many years of K-12 construction experience and understands how to construct school buildings that foster learning and creativity.

We have experience with

Elementary, Middle and
High Schools

Classrooms and
Special Needs Environments

Learning Centers

Libraries and

Arts Centers

Sports and
Recreational Facilities

Our team regularly updates their knowledge base in current K-12 construction designs, tools, and technology to use sustainable practices and offer the best results. Our education construction services are scalable with enough room for future inclusions. The same holds true for renovations, new construction, and extensions within occupied and unoccupied facilities. For this, we follow industry and safety regulations and work closely with everyone on the project team to ensure a seamless transition with minimal disruption.

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